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Good news:I went to the college office this day and I confirmed that I am qualified to continue studying at the economics college. Assuming that the person there is not a troll then my future just became brighter.

Say that I graduate on time, this will be my last summer vacation.

After this I'll go to work to help my family and save up for my future family. I'm having a lot of feelings right now. This summer is nothing more special that the others and I don't know how to make it very memorable. At least I'm planning to make a movie and write stories.

Probably the painful thing I realized is it's goodbye to my friends. Well course we will meet each other again but it will be very different. We won't have lunch together anymore, and we would work on different offices. I will have new set of friends in the workplace, probably I'm my man there.

Say, that I work right after graduation, the next time I'll be having so much free time is retirement. And from experience, old people I know are usually bored because they have nothing to do. That's the irony; when you work you want rest, when you rest you want work.

So God help me in my future, and I hope I will have no more regrets in life. Probably my greatest and only regret is I wasn't able to continue my piano lessons. Well I was 7 that time and still don't realize that if I stop practicing I'll forget . Also, we lost our piano on the way and I doubt that my parents have the money to advance my lessons.

Anyway, do I regret choosing economics? I'll find out when I graduate, God willing.



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